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This is a tribute to our Buddy Boy that we lost two weeks ago. Buddy was a rescue dog that we adopted five years ago today. I remember the moment he saw my husband. Buddy had a look on his face that said, 'Hey, let's go home and start out life together, you look like someone who could make me happy." The day we got home, he jumped on our bed and laid near our one-year-old grandson and made himself comfortable. Buddy was a kind dog that had the sweetest heart and gentle nature. He loved going to Mammoth with us and running in the meadow or just laying by the fireplace and taking a nap. When I retired a year and a half ago, Buddy Boy was my constant companion and we went everywhere together. He made the transition so easy for me because we spent so many wonderful afternoons together just hanging out. The shock of losing him suddenly to cancer is so heartbreaking, I ask myself if I could ever open my heart up to that much pain again. Yet, I remember asking that same question after our first rescue dog, Whitney died. Today my husband and I must heal and grieve our loving companion and release his spirit to heaven where all dogs go. We will miss you and will see you again, Buddy.