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We adopted "Nelly" from NBRAN in Feb 2004 and re-named her Abby, a name we stole from Ted our fellow NBRAN adopter at the time who had named his dog Abby. We liked the name but we never told Ted we had copied him - so this is a confession as well as a memorial. Ted drove both dogs the last leg of their journey on the NBRAN Railroad which for our girl had started in Kansas. We then drove from our home in Guelph, Ontario to Algonac, Michigan where we met Nelly (soon to be Abby), and started our wonderful 14 years together.

Abby was a beautiful French Brittany girl.  Very soft in her nature, gentle and sweet.  She never did a bad thing in her life other than chase a duck or 2 down the river - and did she love to run!    

Abby passed away on April 2, 2018, at the age of 15.  We miss her terribly but we have many happy memories and loads of pictures to remind us of the joy she brought to our lives.

We are forever grateful to the incredible team at NBRAN for all you do and for sending us such an amazing dog.

Jane and Keith