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Meet Amos, currently in long term/hospice care in South Carolina. Amos came to NBRAN in November 2019 to join his Foster’s “pack” in SC. Amos was surrendered to rescue by his owner, he had been an outdoor kennel dog his entire life, and he wanted him to go to a place where he could get more exercise and attention. He had never lived indoors, and was never given much attention. When he first came to NBRAN it took about two “yells” and rushing him outside for him to learn that certain duties are for outside only. He was a quick learner on that. However he had extreme separation anxiety and for about 4 months we kept him on medicine to help keep him calm. We had his crate in our living room for several months and he would sleep in that at night and on and off during the day. He also likes all the dog pillows we have lying around in the living room. It took him longer than most to join the pack, but after a few months I realized that he was staying out with the others more and more and not in as much panic over things. I stopped his calming meds and he has been doing great ever since. His crate has also not been moved to the back room where he enjoys sleeping at night with his sisters.
Unfortunately he is in slow kidney failure and we give him pills and fluids weekly to help him. He has good days and bad. He struggles with his balance, and sometimes has difficulty eating. He eats very slowly. He does vomit a little almost every day. He loves the attention and is holding his own very well. Amos is about 12 years old and extremely loving. Loves lots of petting and even though we have not officially adopted him, he is ours till the end. Although taking in older dogs means you do not have them around for very long, we absolutely love having him here and giving him all the loving he needs. It is such an honor to give a loving home to a dog in their golden years. We love every minute of it.