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Bentley has been diagnosed with a rare, life-threatening autoimmune disease and needs your help to get him the medication he needs to recover.

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Here is his story...

Bentley was pulled by NBRAN from a shelter in Hayes, KS and was then transported to a foster home in Texas. When his foster picked him up he was on an antibiotic for an upper respiratory infection which is fairly common in animals that come from a shelter. Other than the URI, he was deemed healthy - heart worm negative, up to date on all immunizations and neutered. 

He finished that first round of antibiotics and didn't seem to be better. After a few days, he went back to the vet where she listened to his lungs and diagnosed him with Kennel Cough. Again, pretty common for a shelter dog. He was started on cough tab and an antibiotic. 
His foster took him back for a recheck when he completed that round of antibiotics because he still seemed like he was troubled by the cough. At his recheck he was found to have an infection in his anal glands. His anal glands were expressed and he was started on an antibiotic for the infection. At this recheck, his lungs were x-rayed to see if he had something else going on and heart worm was repeated to make sure that he did not have heart worms. Heart worm was negative and his chest x-ray showed some bronchial inflammation. He was given prednisone to help with the inflammation and to relieve the cough.
Since he just wasn't getting better, Bentley's foster took him to another vet for a second opinion. The second opinion was that it could be kennel cough as it can linger for upwards of 6 weeks. She was also advised that there was basically nothing else they could do and he would need to see a specialist if he wasn't getting better. 
Around this time, he developed a growth on his nose that would bleed and crust over. Cytology was done and was negative for cancer or a fungus. At this point, NBRAN decided to take him to a specialist. Off Bentley went to the Center for Veterinary Specialty and Emergency Care in Lewisville, TX. The vet there listened to is history and listened to the snorting/snuffling/coughing noises Bentley made and a rhinos-copy was done to check for a foreign object in his nose. The vet found that he had severely diminished turbinates in his nasal passage and suspected a fungal infection. All labs were negative for fungus. He was started on an antibiotic to relieve any infection that could be present and causing his discomfort. 

A few days after finishing that antibiotic he was sick again so he went back to the vet. He was x-rayed and found to have aspiration pneumonia. The speculation was that mucus pools formed in his nasal passages and he had aspirated that mucus. He was started on an antibiotic for the pneumonia and prednisone to dampen his immune system so that he wouldn't get ill so frequently. 

His pneumonia got better with antibiotics but approximately 10 days after stopping that antibiotic he started to be very lethargic and seemingly unwell so he was off to the vet once more where they started him on 6 weeks of antibiotics. 

Currently, Bentley is on an antibiotic and is weaning off of prednisone. He is now taking a medication called cyclosporine modified. This medication is extremely expensive and is used to decrease the immune's system's responses that seem to attack a dog's own  healthy tissues. It is often used to prevent organ rejection in humans who have had a liver, kidney or heart transplant. The vet's hope is that treating him with cyclosporine modified for 6 or 9 months will 'reset' his immune system so that it will function normally. 
Bentley is a sweet and happy boy despite his health issues but we need your help to cover his extensive medical bills!  Your donation helps us to help Bentley and other Brittanys in need. Thank you!


Posted on May 15, 2017

Some good news for Bentley today....his strange, very large lump has turned out to be a fatty tumor.  However, he is still dealing with some serious digestive problems due to his immune system issues.  For now, Bentley is managing as long as he is taking raw goats milk formula (probiotics).  We are waiting on some feedback from his vet on how to resolve this issue.  Poor Bentley....but in spite of all his health issues he is a sweet and happy go lucky dog.  

Posted on May 09, 2017

Prayers needed for Bentley...he is off to the vet again today as his foster mum found a golf ball sized lump on his leg.  He will undergo some tests today and we will keep you posted!