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On July 4th, while everyone was BBQing and preparing for evening festivities, Springer Spaniel Rescue, Inc. (SRRI) was contacted by the Animal Foundation/Lied Animal Shelter (Las Vegas) about a critically injured one-year old female brittany (mixed with golden retriever or lab).  A Good Samaritan brought this poor baby to the shelter after seeing her struck by a hit & run driver!  SSRI immediately contacted National Brittany Rescue & Adoption Network (NBRAN) about this severely injured female.  NBRAN immediately committed to the pup’s medical needs and offered to take the pup into rescue.  SSRI offered monetary and volunteer assistance as well. 

Two SSRI volunteers sprung into action and travelled to the shelter to pick this young pup up and take her to a local rescue-friendly vet.  Unfortunately, their first stop was not to be their last, as the poor girl’s fractured pelvis was too complicated for this vet to handle.  These seasoned volunteers immediately transported the pup, now known as Blossom, to the only 24/7 surgery facility in Las Vegas, where she was evaluated, stabilized with pain medications, and put under round-the clock care while waiting for the orthopedic surgeon to arrive the next morning.  The SSRI volunteers stayed as long as they could with Blossom, but finally had to leave for the evening.

Once Blossom’s orthopedic surgeon examined her, he found her fractures were worse than initially thought - she had fractures on both sides of her pelvis.  Fortunately, the surgeon felt the fractures were both totally repairable.  Blossom’s devastating injuries dictated that she undergo surgery as quickly as possible, which left no time to fund-raise prior to critical surgery. 

Blossom’s emergency surgery was a huge success! The surgeon had to implant a plate on one hip and screws in the other hip.  Blossom now has enough metal to set off the security alarms at the airport!  A wonderful NV NBRAN volunteer has already stepped forward to foster this special girl.  Blossom will require at least six-eight weeks of rehab (and possibly physical therapy), crate rest, and a ton of hugs and kisses.  Thanks to NBRAN and SSRI, Blossom is expected to make a full recovery.

NBRAN is working hard to gather the funds to pay the medical expenses for the surgery that literally saved Blossom’s life and has provided her a second chance at happiness.  Without NBRAN and SRRI’s intervention, Blossom was destined to be euthanized. NBRAN and SSRI could not allow this sweet soul to go quietly into the night.  NBRAN and SSRI paid the initial emergency overnight bill and NBRAN has committed to covering the rest of the medical bill.  However, NBRAN now needs your help with these extraordinary expenses.  Donations are the lifeblood of its rescue and it cannot pay medical expenses such as this without help from wonderful supporters like you.

It has taken the coordinated efforts of multiple people and multiple rescues across the Western States to bring Blossom this far.  Now we need your help.  Please consider making a donation to NBRAN to help cover Blossom’s medical expenses.  Any monetary donation will help.  Our goal is to raise $5,000 to cover all of Blossom’s medical expenses, not only the surgery but also the related expenses that have been incurred to date.


You can make a donation at Blossom's PoundWishes website or via our NBRAN Website.

To make a donation, visit our Donations page to pay via PayPal.

1.  Click on the above link.

2.  At the bottom of the page, double click on the yellow Donate button.

3.  Enter the dollar amount of your donation.

4.  Under “Add special instructions to the seller,” please type in:  Medical Expenses for BLOSSOM/Nevada

5.  Choose "Donate with PayPal" or "Donate with a Debit or Credit Card".

6.  Follow prompts for PayPal or Credit Card information.

7.  Click on blue DONATE NOW button.

8.  You will receive a GREEN CHECK MARK indicating a successful donation.

9.  Check your email for your TAX DEDUCTIBLE receipt.

NBRAN would be thankful if you could email a copy of your tax-deductible receipt to so NBRAN can track donations for Blossom’s medical expenses. 


Don't have PayPal or a Card?  No problem!  Mail your check to:

PO BOX 5046 
GREENSBURG, PA 15601-5058
In the memo line please write:  Medical Expenses for BLOSSOM/Nevada