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Brady (Michigan) entered my life in January 2009 and we almost made it a decade together.  Though it could have been five decades and it would never be enough.  On September 7, 2018 we sent him over the bridge due to neurological and cognitive decline caused by a brain tumor.  He was such a character, he was my velcro dog, and very special.  Of my three dogs, I always described him as the one that chose me.  The minute he saw me it was like he knew, even before I did, that I was going to be his forever person. The room was full of people and other dogs, but he made a beeline for me and then never left my side again.  His biggest loves in life:  the outdoors, food, and lying in my lap (even at 40 pounds).  I am so grateful that NBRAN brought him into my life, thank you.


Jennifer Osborne