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Meet sweet NBRAN Carter. Carter was a stray and was recently pulled from a Texas shelter by NBRAN. He is estimated to be just 5 years old. Poor Carter must have been on his own for some time. He was extremely underweight and in rough shape, so he was immediately taken to the vet by an NBRAN volunteer.

Carter has a very bad case of 'alopecia', which is the partial or complete lack of hairs in areas where they are normally present. It is believed his hair loss and his scabby skin was caused by a serious flea infestation. Poor Carter was in pain and required medication to keep him comfortable and calm. He underwent skin scrapings to test for skin inflammation, fungal infections, the presence of mites or skin cancer, but they were negative and confirmed the flea infestation diagnosis. This was great news....or so we thought.

Further examination revealed that Carter has partial facial paralysis on the left side of his face. The cause is unknown. The vet noticed his gums were quite pale, so a full blood panel and urinalysis were done to check for systemic illness. His blood work confirmed anemia from his flea infestation which was expected, but what wasn't expected is that he has Proteinuria, meaning there is excess protein in his urine. Proteinuria can be associated with dogs with kidney disease, but Carter's kidney values are all within the normal range, so it could be from infection, inflammation, high blood pressure, tumors or many other causes. Further testing is required to determine the cause of his proteinuria, and his treatment options.

Carter also has a grade 4-5 (out of 6) heart murmur on both sides, and will require an echocardiogram to determine next steps. It is highly likely the he will be put on heart medication. He also needs to be neutered, but that is on hold until he is feeling better and we are sure that it will be safe for him to undergo the procedure.

Carter is now learning to relax in foster care and is doing well. His tests and treatment will be expensive, but NBRAN is committed to do all we can for this sweet and gentle boy.

We are unsure at this time if Carter will end up in hospice, but we ARE sure that if this is the case...Carter will live the best years of his life in our care

Thank YOU for helping Carter and all the dog's like Carter. Your generous donation is changing the lives of so many Brittanys in need.

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