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 Be a Foster Caregiver

Provide emergency fostering -- sometimes having a safe place to park a dog for a few days or weeks can literally make the difference in whether it lives or dies. This is our most urgent and crucial need! If you can help us by fostering a homeless Brittany, PLEASE contact us today!

Be Part of our Transport Team
If you like to drive and can help transport our dogs from area shelters to our veterinarians, or from the veterinarians to their new foster homes, etc., we can use your help. A crucial need is for people available to pull dogs from animal shelters and animal controls to their foster caregiver. We also need responsible individuals who can pull dogs for us in remote locations or other cities and transport them to their foster caregivers and those who can transport adopted dogs to their new homes and families. Our transport team also performs tasks such as transporting crates and other supplies when needed, from one foster home to another. This may sound menial, but it's a huge help in knowing you helped played a big role in helping to save a dogs life. 

Make a Donation
Or, if you prefer, you can donate a heartworm treatment, a spay/neuter or vaccinations directly to one of our participating vet clinics, specifying your funds for a Brittany rescue dog. Buy us an ad in your neighborhood newspaper to generate adoption applicants. There is always a need for premium dog food, crates, bowls, collars, leashes, bedding, cleaning supplies, dog shampoos, and chew toys such as bully sticks, compressed rawhide chews, Nylabones, Kongs, etc.

Sponsor a Dog
You can also choose to sponsor a dog in our program - BE A GUARDIAN ANGEL! Pay for a dog's vet care, and we will name the dog after you, or someone of your choosing, send you its picture, and teach it to shake your hand. If you can't afford to sponsor a dog, get some dog loving buddies together and ask if they will pitch in with you to give a deserving dog a new "leash" on life. Sponsoring or saving a dog in someone's honor would make a very unique birthday, Valentine or Christmas present - and one that can last many long and loving years.

No question about it - Brittany rescue is tough work, and North America (United States & Canada) is a vast area to cover. To make matters worse, our beloved breed is gaining in popularity. Unfortunately, we often find that we're flooded with homeless dogs immediately following bird season. Why? Because with Brittanys becoming a top choice for bird hunters, we have to deal with the fact that many of these "hunters" aren't equipped with either the expertise or knowledge to properly train a gundog, and irresponsibly turn them loose, or hand them into shelters if the dog doesn't perform up to their unrealistic standards after little or no training. As always, it's the dog that winds up losing…and suffers the fate of abandonment. In addition to that, the breed characteristics add to the difficulty and cost of rescue. It is harder to find good foster and adoptive homes for active dogs such as Brittanys when people have the preconceived notion that Brittanys are "outside or kennel dogs" simply because they are a hunter.

It's been said that purebred dogs tend to attract both the worst and best kind of owners. The worst create all our problems. If you're one of the best, please join us and help us with the solution!