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Brittany Buddies are dogs who may or may not be adoptable, but who need extra care and resources to get their fresh start in life. Click below to read the stories of these very special dogs.


Meet sweet senior girl Abby currently in long term/hospice care in Indiana. Abby is about 12 years old and she was 1 of 2 Brits pulled by NBRAN from a Southern shelter earlier this year.

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Jenny was a stray who spent 30 days inTexas shelter before she was pulled by NBRAN. She is believed to be about 10 years old.

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Meet Amos, currently in long term/hospice care in South Carolina. Amos came to NBRAN in November 2019 to join his Foster’s “pack” in SC.

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Lady Girl-SC

Meet Lady Girl, a sweet senior currently in long term/hospice in South Carolina.

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Meet sweet 9 year old Buddy, who is currently in a long term foster home in Ohio.

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