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Brittany Buddies are dogs who may or may not be adoptable, but who need extra care and resources to get their fresh start in life. Click below to read the stories of these very special dogs.


My relationship with Tommy (aka Thomas) began August 13, 2016. He was my first foster dog.

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We lost our beautiful incredibly intelligent hard-working back yard bug hunter this week.  He was taken from us really quickly from a ruptured tumor on his spleen.  We will miss him so much but am

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Buddy Boy

This is a tribute to our Buddy Boy that we lost two weeks ago. Buddy was a rescue dog that we adopted five years ago today. I remember the moment he saw my husband.

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I am hoping to have my puppy memorialized on the NBRAN website.

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Kip J - Adopted through NBRAN 5/22/09 . Passed away 2/5/18 .Crazy Kip J is what we called the little man. He loved the park and would go for as many miles as you wanted to take him.

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We lost a treasured friend. Our little boy who used to lay his gentle head in our laps.

Although our eyes are filled with tears, we thank him for the happy years.

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