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Jenny came to us as a hospice not expected to survive due to liver disease. She fooled us all and thrived in our household with her brother Rusty a coonhound and Boo and Poppy (cats). From the beginning we could always count on her smiling face and ever-wagging tail. She became very attached to my husband and love visits from her "cousins" Clover another NBRAN rescue ) and Rosie ( a GSP rescue ). Grandkids would love to walk and play with her chasing balls or squirrels. Right to the end she loved her walks. But her disease was relentless and the tail wagged less often. When it was time to go, she lay cradled in my husband's arms being stroked and knowing she had made a difference in this world. RIP Jenny. Run free. I know your tail is a waggin' now :)
Rebecca Brown