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We said goodbye to Keira (aka Kyra Lea) this week (March 31, 2022). We adopted her from NBRAN 13 years ago. A wonderful woman, Debbie was her foster Mom in Arkansas. I believe that Keira's birth was in St. Louis. Keira was our constant companion and enjoyed an active life, with running, hiking and swimming in her favorite locations: Maine, St Augustine Florida, and our Bucks County fenced back yard. She was very active all her life, except as she slowed down, like we all do, as she aged. She still seemed to thrive despite losing her hearing and part of her sight a few years ago (due to normal aging). She was an amazing Brit, smart, curious, sometimes bossy and frequently a clown. Keira always loyal, gentle, sweet and loving to everyone and every animal she ever met. Even those who weren’t so keen on her! She will be missed dearly.
Joan & John Winterbottom