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In September of 2011 you allowed my husband and I to foster-fail Nadine (now Lady). 10 year later, almost to the day. We had to say goodbye to our best friend. Continuous pleural effusions (most likely due to lung cancer) got the best of her. While I would sell everything I own to keep her feeling healthy, I could not keep putting her through chest taps and difficulty breathing just so we could have her with us a little longer. Yesterday she let us know it was "time" and passed with her head in my hands on her blanket, in the outdoor garden of Oceanstate Veterinary Clinic (but not without jumping in their coy pond first). We are heartbroken and can't stand sitting in this suddenly-empty home. There is no longer a tippy-tap of lady's paws on my hardwood floors.

You see, like so many others have said, that little peanut of a puppy truly did rescue us. The most loyal and loving dog with a small side of attitude when she didn't get her way ;) . But that was Lady, the princess of my home. She got me through breast cancer treatment and surgery. Our world revolved around that little girl and I'm not sure what to do without her. She is and will be missed by so many.

I guess I was just trying to give you a pupdate to let you know. I also want to say thank you from the bottom of my broken heart for all you do. And for allowing my husband and I to be her pup-parents. I can tell you she would not have been loved or cherished more in any other home. That little girl made so many people smile in her short life.

Thank you.
Valerie and Geoffrey Higgins
Westport, MA