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Lucas became a part of our family in July 2006. Not only did he become a PART of our family, he helped make our family whole. He didn't particularly care what you did to him as long as you loved on him. Anyone that met Lucas fell in love with him. My husband called him our "Hippy" dog because he was so laid back.  He loved playing fetch.... for hours.... until his paws were raw and we didn’t realize it. (Only happened once and then we tried to manage him after that lol) It didn’t matter WHO threw the ball. He’d just drop it at the feet of the nearest person who would throw it and stare at it until it got thrown. Even running into a picnic table bench and having his eye swell shut didn’t slow him down one bit. We practically had to drag him away from the dog park to take him to the vet and get it looked at. (No serious damage but was the same day he ran his paws raw, so he got uber pampered that night).

Lucas absolutely LOVED water too. When we went to the dog park, he would find the wettest, muddiest puddle to go lay in when he’d get hot from playing fetch. He travelled the world with us too. He got to spend time in Germany, where dogs are welcome everywhere. The other humans and I had a language barrier, but he had no barrier with anyone. The neighbors would give him treats as we walked by, we’d stop for a pet and an ear scratch, and he’d sneak in those kisses when you weren’t looking. 

When we would order pizza, the second he smelled it, he’d follow us everywhere until we sat down. He’d drool a ridiculous amount while we ate because he loved getting those pizza bones (or crust as others know it). Nothing else in this world made him drool quite like pizza bones.  Lucas would have been 15 years old September 3, 2018, but we had to say farewell on July 18th. He was our baby, our lumpy (he had fatty lumps everywhere), our pillow, our cuddle bug, our ninja licker, and our friend. He will be forever missed and our family will never be the same without him.


Karen Colvin