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Meet Benny, a sweet senior guy who believed to be between 12-14 years old.

Benny has been in the care of an awesome NBRAN Special Needs Foster Family since May 2016 due to his ongoing medical issues. When Benny first came to NBRAN he was severely Lyme positive, which he was treated with high dose doxycycline and seem to improve greatly.

However after a few short months, Benny began to have issues with his hips, making it difficult for Benny to get up and down. At first it was thought to be a result of the Lyme's, however tests and x-rays showed severe arthritis in both hips and parts of his lower spine, requiring medication to help keep him comfortable.  

It was also thought that he may possible have a slight hear murmur, but the veterinarian did not see cause for concern at the time.

As time went on and symptoms continued, Benny was reassessed for his heart murmur and it has been revealed that he does have increased enlargement of his heart, and again, this too required additional medication. 

Benny continues to show his never ending Brittany Spirit despite his aches and pains as he enjoys going on walks with his Foster Mom, June, who has just recently registered him as a service companion so she can take him shopping, swimming at the local senior complex or just out to lunch with the girls.

Originally found as a stray near Venango, Pennsylvania, Benny was rescued from a shelter by a kind hearted volunteer who took him home nightly to easy his nervousness caused by the shelter environment. The shelter worked tireless to try and locate his owners, only to find that his owner had passed away months before and family members simply did not want him.

Because of NBRAN, Benny is forever loved and safe in a long term Foster Home where he will be well cared for, for the rest of his days!

You can support Benny through our Nom Nom Popcorn fundraiser.