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Where Are They Now - LILY

In March 2016 I was asked by the Northwestern Regional Director for NBRAN if my husband and I would be interested in Fostering a six-year-old female Brittany, Lily.

On the coattails of a Foster during the month of January, a nine-month-old Brittany puppy (think – walking two strong Britts in the snow at the same time!), I was reluctant.

Numerous telephone calls later, the short version of the long story is that Lily came to NBRAN as an owner surrender, covered in fleas, and likely had multiple litters of puppies. Lily spent some time as a Foster and was adopted. A month later, Lily became riddled with anxiety and acted out when left alone during the day. She ate trim, door knobs, and routinely escaped from metal crates.

When her Forever Home decided they could not adequately care for Lily, she moved in with a behaviorist that often assists NBRAN at her kennel. Lily spent a few weeks with a fabulous lady by the name of Lynda Martin, who identified that Lily would do well paired with a submissive male companion.

Enter my family.

It was thought Lily would thrive in the company of Utley (our three-year-old male Brittany), and that she did.

Almost two years later (March 2018), the Foster Dog that I didn’t think I wanted to Foster for the short turn, turned into the most perfect addition to our family. On the day Lily arrived, Utley helped her unpack her toy bag. From that moment onward, she has been the best little dog, not causing a shred of destruction to our home; still routinely escaping from crates and slipping out of harnesses. She is a wonderful companion and we all love her to pieces.

My husband and I recently relocated from Pittsburgh to the Detroit Metro area. The move didn’t bother Lily in the slightest and she remained a consistent source of support for all of us, including Utley!

Lily has gone camping, fishing, and hunting with us. She has joined Utley with training sessions and LOVES to find birds. She refuses to get off the bed at night once she’s settled in; loves to sleep on down blankets; and prefers her meals topped with a little sprinkle of egg, cheese, or applesauce.

Fostering and Adopting from NBRAN is a truly rewarding experience and each journey ends differently from dog to dog and person to person. 

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