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My husband and I adopted Abby from the Humane Society two days after we returned from our Honeymoon back in 1999.  She was my wedding present to my husband.  She was approximately 6 months old at the time and was left in a box on at a storefront because "she was too noisy".  Well, she was noisy & had her share of trouble making, (don't we all?) but over the years, Abby brought us so much love, friendship, companionship, fun, excitement, comfort, and peace.  Abby taught us so much about life & love and her gifts to us are too numerous to count.  We're lost without our baby girl, and her brother, Casey, a 9 year old golden, is also lost.  She was the alpha dog and he took the lead from her.  Abby was called home too soon on Saturday, February 19th, 2011.  She died from a tumor rupturing in her abdomen causing massive internal bleeding.  I am glad she's at peace now in heaven.  Her eyesight and hearing restored, her agility back, having fun & eating lots!  She'll be missed and loved forever!  God Bless our Brittany Spaniel, Abby!