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We adopted Abby (aka Beauty) from NBRAN in February 2004. Thank You Cynthia and Debbie. Unknown to us Abby was about to become a huge part of our family for the next ten and a half years. From day one we were hers and vice versa. We have lots of family get together’s and sleepovers and you guessed it Abby was always in the middle finding someone to snuggle with and sneak snacks from. We have tons of family pictures and Miss Abby is usually in them. Everyone was a friend to her, fur or human. She was our official greeter. 

I have never had a Britt before but Abby was one of the sweetest, most Gentle and Loving Dogs I have ever had. You could tell she had a rough life before and been beaten. Despite little issues Abby was a pretty healthy Britt . She never once counter surfed, got into the Garbage or had accidents in the house. She loved walks and laying in the yard but she especially loved snuggling us and her two yorkie buddies. She loved unconditionally. She oozed love. We always laughed at her Brittany tap dances whenever she got excited for treats or food time. 

Over the last year Abby started to slow down and her health declined. Sadly over the weekend of June 30th Abby took a turn for the worse and we decided to let her go. She came in kissed my wife and daughter and then came over and snuggled with me on the floor loving me as she has a million times before. She went peacefully to the Rainbow Bridge a real trooper to the end. 

The Picture you see is of her and her buddy Casey. They are now both running around together again like they use to. 

Thank you NBRAN for Abby and the million memories she gave us. We are eternally grateful for her love and companionship. We will miss our little Queen. 

Ted and Barb Hendrick