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Brittany Buddies are dogs who may or may not be adoptable, but who need extra care and resources to get their fresh start in life. Click below to read the stories of these very special dogs.

Brady (Michigan)

Brady (Michigan) entered my life in January 2009 and we almost made it a decade together.  Though it could have been five decades and it would never be enough.  On September 7, 2018 we sent him ove

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Redneck Beanbanks Eubank

We rescued Redneck with his daughter, Roxi, in North Dakota 7 years ago. He had a husky build and an attitude that went right along with it!!
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I had banjo for 5 beautiful years I miss him so very much he was such an amazing dog and he’s been gone for two years now and it just breaks my heart that he had to go. 
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Sugar Baby

Sugar Baby crossed the bridge 9/14/2018. She was with me for 2 years. I do not know how old she was, however we think she was about 11. I would have liked to have known more on her previous life.

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We were privileged to adopt Arrow in 2005. His original name was Cardon. On June 2, 2018 we had to say goodbye to our incredible companion.

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I got Gracie in 2012 her previous name was Aliza. She was 7 when I got her I had to say good bye to her November 4 2017. She was an amazing dog and I loved her to pieces .

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