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Sugar Baby crossed the bridge 9/14/2018. She was with me for 2 years. I do not know how old she was, however we think she was about 11. I would have liked to have known more on her previous life. I knew she was used for hunting and breeding and then was owner surrendered. I often talked to her not knowing how many babies she may have out there. Her training was impeccable. I could not see how any one would want to give her up, because today I didn't want to see her go even knowing her cancer was terminal. She was a rescue from NBRAN. Before her adoption, she underwent a mammary tumor removal operation. November of last year, she had a second surgery. This time it was found the cancer had moved into her lungs. Sugar and I went through a tropical storm, 2 hurricanes, and an ice storm, and a solar eclipse here in South Georgia together. Sugar became a celebrity on the face book page, Brittany Lawyers. She was known as Agent Sugar Baby of the Brittany Protective Services. Run free my sweet girl with the angels.