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July 2020: Cassie Update, After being loved and cared for by a wonderful Foster Mom for well over 2 years now Cassie sadly crossed the Bridge on July 6th 2020. Cassie may longer be by our sides here on Earth but she certainly not forgotten. In our hearts forever!

Sweet senior Cassie was found as a stray and landed herself in a shelter just before Christmas.  She did not have a microchip and no one came to claim her.

Not long after Cassie came into the care of NBRAN, we discovered that she had mammary tumors, was not spayed, presented with several cracked and broken teeth requiring attention, and tested positive for Lyme's Disease.  Based on these conditions, we suspect that Cassie was used as a breeding dog and that once she was too old to breed, she was left to fend for herself.

Cassie was put on doxycycline, which is a tetracycline antibiotic that fights bacteria in the body.  This drug was given to her to treat her of Lyme's Disease.  Once cleared of Lyme's, she was finally able to have her surgery for spay and to removal of her mammary tumors.  Though Cassie faired mostly well during her surgery, she developed complications post-op requiring her to stay in the hospital for a few extra days to receive fluids. The doctors also wanted to keep her so that they could monitor her heart, as her blood pressure dropped drastically due to the anesthetic.  Cassie is now out of the hospital but has been put on heart medication to manage her blood pressure.  Her tumors have been sent out for pathology and we will find out if they are cancerous when she goes in for her recheck appointment in early April.

 To date, Cassie's medical bills are almost $4,000, with more treatment and medication still required.  NBRAN is committed to helping her get back on her feet, but we could really use your help!  Your donation will help Cassie and the many other dogs NBRAN currently has undergoing medical treatment. Thank you!