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My relationship with Tommy (aka Thomas) began August 13, 2016. He was my first foster dog. That day, after he met my Britt, Ellie, he expressed his joy by rolling in the grass in the yard and sniffing everywhere. He and Ellie got along fine though they never played together. They did hunt critters, squirrel watch (and chase), and otherwise enjoy the back yard together. He liked to play with his ball. With time and patience, Tommy relaxed and began to enjoy life. He appeared to have no formal training but quickly learned to sit for doors to open and to wait until released before going through the door. He also learned to sit for his dinner. He learned quickly to use a dog ramp to get into and out of my vehicle. Tommy was an approximate 8 year old big boy from West Virginia with numerous health issues which improved with good food, exercise, and love. I thought he would probably stay with Ellie and me the rest of his life. But, after 15 months with Ellie and me, on November 6, 2017, he was adopted by a wonderful couple. He had a wonderful life with them and their other Britt until a new illness struck from which he could not recover. He crossed the Rainbow Bridge on July 25, 2018. I am grateful that the last almost 2 years of his life were wonderful. Thank you, Tommy’s adopters, for loving and caring for him. Tommy was a Good Boy.

Jill Martin