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Meet sweet 9 year old Buddy, who is currently in a long term foster home in Ohio.
Buddy came to NBRAN in November 13, 2010 after his family refused to pick him up from the shelter. They didn't have a fence so Buddy kept doing what Brits do--running after things since this was the fourth time he had been picked up by a shelter.
In December 2010, Buddy collapsed on the deck at his foster outside and was unable to get up so he was immediately rush to the vet, where he was, examined and tests were run. Buddy was quickly diagnosed with Hemolytic Anemia. Hemolytic Anemia is a type of blood issue that prevented his body from making red blood cells plus his body was attacking the red blood cells.
Buddy started treatment immediately, but his foster Mom was warned that this condition kills most dogs within 2 or 3 days. But his foster Mom never gave up hope, they were at the vet's office every two days for blood work and after two weeks his red blood count still wasn't going up.
Further treatment options were discussed such as transfusion, but it was concluced to be patience. Patience paid off, as after a month, Buddy's red blood count started to go up slowly. It took about a year of treatment before Buddy's red blood count was normal again. Then came the hard part of weaning him from the medication without causing a relapse, this took another six months.
During this entire time, Buddy slept with his foster Mom & Dad between so that one of them always had a hand on him. They were determined not to abandon him like his family did. After the weaning was completed, it was decided that Buddy could finally start to look for his Forever home.
Despite the issues, sleepless night etc.., his foster parents felt it was the best thing for Buddy. His foster parents had long conversation with potential adopters to make sure they understood his health issues and in January 2012, Buddy found a Forever home.
However, after six months of trying, his new Mom felt that they couldn't bond as Buddy always seem to be waiting to go home. She felt that he was too attached to foster parents so in June 2012, Buddy came back.
Then in May 2013, Buddy started acting strange, stopped eating and was lethargic. Not eating is a big red flag with Buddy because he was always called a Hoover Vacuum the way he could inhale food. Of course, the first thought was Hemolytic Anemia again. So off, he was rush to the vet.
Buddy made it to the vet just in the nick of time. Buddy’s Hemolytic Anemia was not the issue this time; however he was now diagnosed with Addison's disease. Buddy remained hospitalized in order to start treating his Addison. In hopes he would make it through the night. Since his diagnosis 2013, Buddy continues to today, but does require monthly shots of Percorten and daily Predisone for the rest of his life in addition continued monitoring.
Since this time Buddy has remained with his foster parents who help ensure he gets all the care he need. Buddy does have ongoing medical needs such as the costs of his monthly medication, and regular trips to the vet for monitoring. He is also on a prescription diet and also requires yearly dentals in other to assist in keeping his immune system as healthy as it can be, all of which NBRAN provides to ensure Buddy lives his life to the fullest in his fosters arms.
Buddy’s ongoing expenses include: 85.00 for prescription food and 85.00 to 300.00 for vetting which include monthly shots from the vet, blood work and other medications.