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NBRAN is comprised solely of unsalaried volunteers.  All donations go toward the care and treatment of Brittanys in rescue throughout our organization's various programs and, since we are a 501(3)(c), donations are tax deductible. 

These dogs require good nourishing food, routine veterinary care and at times, more specialized medical treatment.  They must all be kept on heartworm prevention and parasite control year round and  also need supplies such as collars, leashes, I.D. tags, bowls, crates, bedding, and toys. In some cases, even to save the life of a healthy dog, we must have them boarded at a commercial facility for a brief period. 

Let's face it, adoption fees don't always cover the cost of a dog's medical care -- and that's why your help and partnership in rescue is so important! Thank you for your support and friendship!

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