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Sassy was found on the side of the road by a good Samaritan, seriously injured after being struck by a vehicle.  She was dazed and in pain, had fractures on both sides of her pelvis and her pubis crest bone, and also suffered bruises and abrasions. It was obvious that she recently had puppies, so they needed to be found and cared for as well.  Local and NBRAN volunteers from WV to PA stepped up to find the puppies and transport them to a specialized medical care facility and a foster home.  Sassy is  now healing while caring for her puppies under the watchful eye of a great foster family. A dog left to die at the side of the highway and her lost puppies will soon be some family’s beloved pet

NBRAN has rescued many dogs (like Sassy and her puppies) that were in desperate need of help. When wonderful families like yours step up and welcome these hard luckdogs as new family members, the adoption donations typically only cover a small portion of their medical expense.  In fact, in certain parts of the country the adoption donation does not cover the cost of the medical exam, immunizations, sterilization and heartworm testing.

Treating dogs infected with heartworm can cost up to $1,000, leaving NBRAN in a financial deficit when caring for the abandoned, abused and neglected dogs that come into our care.   

It has been ONE YEAR since NBRAN’s last letter.

The ongoing rescue of neglected, abused and elderly dogs requiring extensive health care services diminishes our financial resources. Your monetary assistance is urgently needed!

The purpose of NBRAN is to:

o Rescue Brittanys from high kill shelters and shelters that have run out of room and time to place them;

o Offer a safe haven for Britts surrendered because of behavioral, economic or personal circumstances;

o Provide assistance for senior Brittanys that heartless owners dump for that “new puppy”;

o Provide foster care and required medical care for Brittanys in need like Sassy and her puppies;

o And foremost, find stable, loving and caring forever homes for these Brittanys.

 At NBRAN, volunteers are the backbone of our organization. Your donations are used to help the dogs, not to pay for executive retreats and self-promotion like some ‘rescues.’

We are a group of dedicated volunteers. Many of our vets discount their services for NBRAN. Transportation is donated by our drivers.  Foster homes provide food, toys, treats, and love, but We NEED Your Help!

What can your tax-deductible donation do? Your generous donations will help provide the desperately needed health care required by abused, neglected or abandoned Brittanys.

Lifesaving care needed by dogs like Sassy and her pups can cost NBRAN thousands of dollars! Here is a listing of average costs for our rescued dogs:                                    

Cost                  Service

$10-$60            Microchips, Collars and Other Necessities

$80-$150          Basic Exam, Vaccinations and Heartworm Testing

$225-$350        Basic Exam, Vaccinations, HW Test & Spay/Neuter

$250-$1,000     Heartworm Treatment

Donations of $100 or more received by Nov. 2nd will be registered in a drawing to win a beautiful quilt.  In addition, the first 100 Donations of $200 or more will also receive a 2019 NBRAN calendar. 

Donate today!! 

Thank you for caring