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Crate Training your Dog

Brittany Related Links

American Brittany Breed Standard

The American Brittany Club

Rescue-Related Links

Pet Finder - posts listings of dogs by breed and shelter. Primarily features dogs in shelters on the east coast


Senior Dog Project

Other Dog-Related Sites

Can We Help You Keep Your Pet?

American Kennel Club

Infodog - Great Website with Show/Breeding and other great information.

Seniors and Pets - National Council for Aging Care's guide on Pets for Seniors

Recommended Sites/Businesses - By State


LaBest Academy of Animal Arts - Debbie Walker is a renowned groomer and behaviorist located in Edwardsville, IL.  She has helped many dogs along the way including, but not limited to, going to Katrina and helping the most aggressive of the found dogs.  She also opens her doors and her knowledge to many Brittanys.  Check out her site, if you are in IL or MO, for boarding, training and grooming.  Other states please check her out as she offers her training knowledge in video form.  Debbie also is a dog masseuse and has helped many dogs that were recommended for surgery and never needed it after she had massage sessions with them.  A great organization that NBRAN is proud to recommend.


The Dawg Trainer - The Dawg Trainer has been a wonderful friend to National Britany Rescue in Missouri.  They have trained and assisted our coordinator in training several Brittanys resulting in a smooth transition for the adopting family.  PJ has also been very generous with boarding and other needs.  If you are in MO and have a need for boarding or training please visit!